A day in the life of Rachel Green.

Dear Diary,

Trying to find a new job has been a NIGHTMARE to say the least. I know that giving up Paris was the right thing to do, but I didn’t expect it to be so hard to get my life back in order!

Joey seems to think that building an online presence will help me to get a job. I think that may only work for actors, but I decided to give it a shot. I have been on Pintrest a lot lately (mostly for Emma and Ross), but I have decided to try some professional pins too. Mostly it just gives me an excuse to look at fashion all day, although I have been gathering a lot of stuff from when I worked at Bloomingdale’s and Ralph Lauren. But hey, if it helps me get a job than I’m not complaining!

Ross thinks that I sit around all day and do nothing. Not true! I have been calling company after company. Apparently when you walk off a plane and quit a job, people aren’t too happy to trust that you’ll stay. But I have a very good, convincing script in my opinion! And I have been very persistent. If people would just meet me for an interview, I know I’m cute and would be able to get a job out of them.

Mostly I have been at the old hang out, but everyone has real important grown up jobs right now and Emma is with the nanny. So I am all alone a lot. To make it worse, stupid Starbucks has taken over Central Perks. Nothing is the same!

I am so desperate for a job it isn’t even funny. However much Chandler laughs. He even made this little gem and said I should tape them around the city. Not sure how he managed to get a picture during everything that happened on that trip. But I know that Monica will help me get him back.



I better find something soon. Because that is actually starting to look like my only hope.

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