A day in the life of Rachel Green. (How It’s Made)

This assignment was very stressful. I think that i did not anticipate how much work was going to have to go into it.

I decided at around midnight last night that my character was going to be Rachel Green (probably because I was watching Friends). I decided that post series finale, things might not be going as well as she had hoped. I am not a SUPER fan, so a few of my points may be inaccurate according to the show. But I figured that after walking off a plane and giving up a job in Paris to be with Ross, Rachel probably wasn’t going to have very good luck in the job market.

The first piece of media I decided to use was Pintrest, which was one of the examples on the Final Project page. This was super simple, all I had to do was create an account. There is a tutorial through the website that walks you through the process. Then I created a few different boards. I know that Rachel worked at Bloomingdale’s and Ralph Lauren, so those two were going to be her “professional” boards. But then I also figured that since Rachel can procrastinate, she would probably have a board for Ross and Emma as well.

The second piece of media I used was SoundCloud. I decided to record a message that Rachel would leave to potential employers asking for a job. Embedding the audio clip was very simple; I cover exactly how to do it in this tutorial I made the other day.

The third piece of media is a Vine of me (AKA Rachel Green) sitting in Central perk (AKA Starbucks). It is a running joke throughout the series that the friends spend way too much time in that coffee shop. I though that Rachel, currently unemployed, would spend a lot of time there.  I talk a little about how to use Vine in this post. To embed the video onto WordPress I had to save it to my computer before adding it to the post. Since this process kind of negates the fact that I actually used Vine, I also linked the webpage containing the video onto the post.

The last piece of media I used was a picture that I edited using Paint. I simply found an amusing photo of Rachel through Google and then opened it in Paint. All I did to the picture was add the text and then saved it.

Tada! I hope I completed this assignment fully and correctly, because while I was doing it I was a little unsure. Hopefully my lack of confidence comes from the fact that I have never done an assignment like this, not that I was doing it wrong.

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