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To me, this video seemed like one that would go viral pretty quickly. I think that people would be very entertained by some guy getting locked in a lion enclosure. Therefore, I decided to create a story in which This video has been an internet sensation:

I don’t usually watch Tosh.0, but I know that the show makes fun of online videos so I assumed it would be appropriate. I used an episode uploaded onto YouTube to get the clip for this assignment. Here are the Foley clips that I used, I tried to select ones that were created for this class section, however for some reason there were some clips that I couldn’t download (and some were longer than 30 seconds) so I had to use previous work.


I used this website to download the videos off of YouTube. I then fit them into Windows Movie Maker. It was really easy to edited them to fit together, I just used the “Split” tool under Video Edit to take the parts of the Tosh.0 clip that I wanted. After that I downloaded the sounds off of SoundCloud and fit them in as well! Super simple! I saved it as an MP4 and had to upload it to YouTube and embed it from there.

The only problem was that I had a lot of time at the end of the video that didn’t seem to have audio to go with it. There were only two Foleys for the last section, and neither of which were from very recently. My only thought is that previous classes much have been using a shorter version of the video, because all of my other sounds fit so I don’t think I missed a section or anything like that. I debated cutting it out, but decided to learn the entire video and just have it silent until the very end!