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Haven’t Read a Novel Since High School?

For my second created Digital Assignment, I decided to use the app Vine. I had to use it for one of my Video Assignments and really enjoyed it. It was an easy to use app yet a challenging assignment since Vine videos are so short. There have been a few Visual Assignments like the one I decided to create, yet I thought that turning it into a Video Assignment would be a fun change of pace. It would challenge people to use items at their disposal instead of Googleing an image. I hope you guys like it!

Guess that Book!

For this assignment, use the app Vine to visually create a book title. Find objects, landmarks, or think of some other creative way to verbally or physically represent a book title. Then record them in quick succession using the app. Then upload the video and have your classmates guess the book title! (By the way here is the answer.)