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DS106 Visual Assignment #1

For my first visual assignment, I had a little trouble picking one of the many suggestions. Then I came across one asking to look through Boone B. Gorges’ tweets until I found one that could be used to create a message or propaganda. Taking a chance, I immediately found one tweet that jumped out to me.

“Thank you to the people who do invisible work.”

I often think about how easy my life is thanks to the work of other individuals. People who don’t know me are constantly working to ensure that my life is easier. They never receive thanks or recognition for their labors; a simple (and often small) paycheck and the knowledge that they have done a good job is the only job satisfaction they gain. Janitors, trash collectors, factory workers, and public transportation workers are only a few areas of work that are often overlooked. Yet they are vital to keep society functioning smoothly at the standard of living that we have all grown accustomed to. After finding images ¬†and resizing them on Paint, I added the text that turned four pictures into a message.

The message is that nothing should be taken for granted. Of course no body wanted to clean up after people, or drive noise and impatient people around a city. But, as a function in this society, those jobs need to be done. Yet how often do you think these individuals are thanked? We have thinks just as “Teacher’s Week” or “Nurse’s Week” to appreciate the obvious influential forces in our life, yet everyone in a while it would be healthy to stop and think about those people who never receive recognition for the huge roles that they play in our lives.

Response to No Digital Facelifts: Thinking the Unthinkable

Campbell’s presentation was a very eye opening first assignment. It made me realize how close minded that I was coming into this class.

The student that Campbell was talking about, the student who simply wants to sit and learn and turn in assignments for a grade and call that an education, definitely describes how I have approached my education up until this point. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good thought provoking class discussion as much as the next person (probably more because I’m kind of a nerd). But I never enjoy having to think critically, or challenge, or create in any fashion. This class, ironically, was my excuse to get out of an acting or music class that would insist that I create and explore. I am what no one would call a creative person. I would much rather listen to a lecture, study the notes, and take a test.

As Campbell argues, however, this is no way for current and future student to consider a proper education. How are any new ideas formed? By questioning the present knowledge and exploring new ideas. Traditionally, I think about an old white guy in a lab coat when I think of new discoveries being made (shout out to public education and its horrible lack of diversity ). But as the world changes, learning and discovering also has to change. It’s no longer acceptable to sit back and wait for other to do the critical thinking. We, as a generation, need to be challenging what we put into our heads. Does this apply to every concept for every subject? Absolutely not! Where would I be if I constantly questioned my biological psychology professor when she taught about the functions of the brain. Probably no where, as there are some facts that we need as building blocks while we learn. However the entire construction of how medicine and mental illness work together is currently being redesigned all because people are questioning our current understanding of how the brain works.

Being critical and exploring new ideas is important. I hope that this class continues to open my mind and force me to understand my unique, creative talents. I want to be an individual who can both absorb information and question how to improve our current understanding of the world. As Campbell said, we are learning new things at alarming rates. To be close minded to creating new ideas and working with my peers is to waste this wonderful opportunity I have been given in attending college.

Sid’s last day.

Like any dog, Sid spends a majority of the day waiting for the children to come home. After a near death experience not 24 hours before, he has no idea that this will be his last day. With a long, relaxing morning under the sun behind him, Sid’s ears perk as the bus screeches to a stop. For the next several hours Sid would enjoy endless fun with the his two favorite people. After what seemed like not enough games of fetch and tug-of-war, it would be time for the children to eat and get to sleep. They would protest and fight for Sid to have a turn sleeping in their room. In the end Sid would spend time cuddled next to both before settling in front of the fire and listen to the parents as he nods off…

This class…

So far, so confusing! The theme seems to be that as I get excited that I am doing something right, I get an email to the class explaining how what I just did was incorrect. That or my posts/tweets just aren’t showing up. But it’s only day #2, so fingers crossed that it starts getting easier for everyone VERY soon! If so then I think that this will be a very fin, interesting, and informative class!

Video Response… Hopefully!

I think I have this FINALLY figured out. Fingers crossed.
To the point, the video was very helpful! I did not enter this course thinking that it would be that much work, nor did I realize how many different resources that we would be using. i feel kind of intimidated right now, but hopefully things will get easier (for everyone) as we all figure out how to use each tool. It will also be useful to correctly tag things for credit! I am definitely guilty of procrastinating and trying to get things done at the last minute, so hopefully this course will teach me how to finish schoolwork in a timely fashion.
Here’s to a great 5 weeks!