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Some quality L-O-Ls right here.

Alright, y’all ready for some insane cheesiness?

I’m sure that cows would be utterly shocked that people pasture up the opportunity to live in the wide open country and instead move into the city. Who wouldn’t want to milk all of the advantages of nature?

I’m sure they would be sour with all of the insulting cow animations. Some of them probably want to cream us.


They probably wouldn’t graze past this one.



I’m so sorry for anyone who just read through that. Clearly my career as a stand-up comic has not taken off.

Design Safari

When I first read this assignment, i expected it to be really challenging. However after I began to look for different design elements, I found that it was actually quite easy to spot different elements in common signs or messages.

photo (1)

The first design that I found represents a common symbol. For this class, it was stated that “we can read symbols and refer meaning… when the symbols are familiar or unambiguous”. Symbols are a common aspect of driving, where one does not have the time to read instructions to gather information. The meaning of signs become almost second nature; that is in the context of driving one does not need to be told what certain signs mean. This sign is located about a mile down the road from my house. It is clearly suppose to mean that the road as hit a dead end and one needs to either turn right or left. However someone changed it to represent a different symbol, one of a certain vigilante. class


photo (2)

My second deign element represents the use of color in an ad. This particular ad is one for soccer cleats. On the top half of the page, everything is whited out in order to focus on the unique color design of the cleat. The word “fast” is also colored. These two focal points are combined in the bottom half of the page, where the color from the cleat is streaked behind the player to represent the speed advantage apparently gained from wearing these cleats. The words “or fail” are printed in black, the same color as the opponent who has been left in the dust.

photo (3)

My third design is an example of a negative effect of typography. It is apparent in this sign that Wawa is spelled with one upper cased W at the front of the word, and one lower cased w in the middle of the word. For a little while now, rumors have been floating around that the Wawa logo was not consistent; people who in constant disagreements about whether or not the company was class, class, or even class. There where ideas that if the sign said Wawa it was open 24/7, which if it was WaWa then it was not. Even though the debate has finally been put to bed (photo (3)), I’m sure there are still those who are convinced in another spelling. Even though there is not real threat of loss of money due to this typography confusion, still as a business owner I personally would not want such confusion surrounding my company. A different deign or font would have prevented any confusion and established a more concrete presence.

Your fortune is…

For my third and final Design Assignment, I decided to create some fortune cookies! Using the Harry Potter series (I’m rereading the books right now, which is why so many of my assignments have been HP themed), here is what I came up with:


Google was very helpful for this assignment,  however since I’m kind of a nerd I already had a bunch of quotes on hand. After deciding which ones I wanted to use, I opened up Microsoft Word and went to “Insert” and chose “Text Box”: class

I then sized the box and chose a bold, black outline: class

For the text, I selected one called “HogwartsWizard”, which I downloaded a while back for a different assignment. I then chose the size and bolded the words. For the person who spoke the quote, I italicized their name: class

And that’s it!


For my second design assignment, I decided to play around with how the meaning of a word can be reflected in how it is written. Here is what I came up with:


I think that I am not alone in saying that when I see newspaper letters cut out and taped together to create a word or message, I think trouble. This is a classic ransom notice technique. It is a way to send a message, often a vague one, and remain anonymous and mysterious. I thought that the word deception is exemplified by using this technique.

To start off I opened Word and went through the different fonts. I came across “Earwig Factory”, which I’m pretty sure comes standard with Microsoft Word: class

Then, after typing out the word, I played around with the size of each letter. Some I made bold or italicized, while others I left in the original font. I had to fight the urge to find another font to use or add color to some of the letters; I thought this would add to the effect yet the assignment specifies that there was to be no color and only one font. I hope everyone likes it!

A flash of red.

If you have no read The Giver by Lois Lowry I suggest you stop reading, get into your car, drive over to Barnes and Noble, and purchase yourself a copy. Even if you never return to this post, you will thank me later. I guarantee it.

If you have ready The Giver, thank I hope you can appreciate this assignment. For my first Visual Assignment of the week, I chose to create a minimalist book cover. Here is my final product:


I don’t want to go into too much detail about the plot, because I don’t want to spoil it for anyone nor is that what this assignment is about. But for me, a very powerful portion of the book is when Jonas learns what colors are, and is taught to see, name, and appreciate them. Of all the aspects of their society, the fact that they have removed an individual’s ability is what hit my the hardest. There was such a commitment to squash out individuality that a world of grays, blacks, and whites became all that was allowed. For Jonas to see the color red in the apple was a startling conviction humans are not meant to be controlled as they were in the community. This book cover shows the red of an apple, the first color that Jonas could see, in the black and white world that he grew up in.

To create this assignment I first took a picture of an apple on my windowsill: photo

I then opened it in an app called “Photo Editor-“, which is free in the app store on an iPhone. I selected the “Splash” options, which allows someone to highlight certain colors or areas of a picture while leaving the rest of it black and white. I chose to use “Smart Color” as opposed to “Free Color”, because that tool focuses on only one color: photophoto (1)


After finishing the color I went to the “Text” box in order to  insert the title and author’s name:photo (2)

So simple!





My new law.

I was reading somewhere the other day about how a country (I can’t remember which) decided to begin a system in which every individual got compensated just for being a citizen. Even though I do not know if this system is still in place, it explained that there were fewer hours worked, fewer illnesses, and better production in the work place.

I think that this system, although it goes against the general capitalist ideal, would benefit the Unites States’ population tremendously. Just imagining all of the good it would do makes me want to jump into action.

  • Children would cease to go hungry. Studies show that children living in poverty preform worse in school than their fellow classmates. With a little bit of money guaranteed to them by the government,  children could be guaranteed meals everyday that would enable them to focus in school.
  • Hunger in general would virtually disappear. Again, adult who were not constantly feeling hungry would be able to devote their minds to other things, such as finding jobs or helping their families.
  • Students who are in school will be able to focus on their studies and extracurricular activities without worrying about making to make money. That extra burden would not hold them back from their full potential.

These are only three examples of why providing an small sum of money to all citizens might be useful. I’m not suggesting some extraordinary amount or anything like that. Also I’m no economist or political science major, so I have no idea how this would work within the structure of our government. However, I do think that some sort of action needs to be taken to raise the standard of living in our society. It is unacceptable that there are Americans who are starving. It is disgusting that the only meal that some children receive in a day is their school lunch. I understand that American is suppose to be the land of opportunity where everyone makes their own living situation, yet this ideal is failing too many people for it to continue.

TEDxPhoenix Talk Response

Well, that was certainly one intimidating video!

Now not only do we have to learn about digital storytelling, but we have to create new means of thinking about it?!

After thinking about this daunting prospect, I realized that we may be the best candidates to do just that. Do I know about visual and audio digital storytelling? Not at all. So I don’t know what the norm is, I don’t know what is to be expected. Therefore it may be easier for me than a leading expert to imagine how media can function differently. As a class I think we need to be open to following our first impressions of how assignments should be completed. Instead of looking for the “right” way, we should focus on creating something that shares our thoughts in interpretations of the assignment.

Response to Knowledgeable vs Knowledge-able

After getting over the initial shock of having to watch a 2 hour presentation and then slugging through the 8 minute introduction, I was very surprised to have enjoyed this talk so much.

I like how he started out the presentation explaining how everyone is trying to find their sense of self. The whole reason for receiving an education is to expand oneself so that we can enter society as a contributing member. I don’t think anyone wants to graduate to be a drone who just does that they are told in a very passive life style. Much of what we do in college is about discovering who we are, and I liked that Wesch connected this part of a student’s life into how education should work.

When I liked about Wesch’s ideas are they they could be easily applicable to almost any class. Any class and divide and look up current research on a topic to summarize and share to a class. Any class can look at how they can explore and change topics in order to inform others, not just at the university but around the world. Although every subject may not be able to work social justice into the curriculum, and anthropology certainly can, these are very real learning techniques that can be used.

The only problem, however, is that college is too late to begin learning how to use the internet to its fullest ability. Wesch addressed this during the question portion: he believes that children should start at the earliest ages to understand how to work the web. As he talked, it seems almost amazing that this has not already been done. Of course there are many financial concerns that come into play, but technology is extraordinarily underrepresented in the classroom. As a generation, we have an amazing opportunity to gain information that no one before us has experienced, yet it is being wasted. It will be interesting to see over the next decade how this changes, and how classrooms adjust to the ever growing presence of technology.

Response to DS106zone LoDown 001

First of all, it is once again reassuring to know that I am not the only one fumbling along. As the week goes by it has definitely gotten so much easier, but it is also comforting knowing that I am not alone.

I am excited at the number of people we have in very different areas that will be helping through the course. I’m learning more and more how technologically challenged I apparently am, so all this help will definitely be useful.

At first I was slightly overwhelmed (ok maybe more than slightly) at all of the different resources I would be expected to learn about. However, the more I think about it the more excited I get. I would like to think that as I move ahead, I will be able to use the skills that I will learn in order to help with other classes and beyond.

DS106 Visual Assignment #2

This is a picture of my beautiful little cat named Conway coupled with a Shakespeare quote from Romeo and Juliet. I thought that this quote seemed fitting, as he was falling asleep on my suitcase when I took this picture. He usually comes into my room to take his naps during the day, so I found this particular Visual Assignment a lot of fun. :)

To create this picture I again used Paint, simply adding text to create the image.