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Haven’t Read a Novel Since High School?

For my second created Digital Assignment, I decided to use the app Vine. I had to use it for one of my Video Assignments and really enjoyed it. It was an easy to use app yet a challenging assignment since Vine videos are so short. There have been a few Visual Assignments like the one I decided to create, yet I thought that turning it into a Video Assignment would be a fun change of pace. It would challenge people to use items at their disposal instead of Googleing an image. I hope you guys like it!

Guess that Book!

For this assignment, use the app Vine to visually create a book title. Find objects, landmarks, or think of some other creative way to verbally or physically represent a book title. Then record them in quick succession using the app. Then upload the video and have your classmates guess the book title! (By the way here is the answer.)


A day in the life of Rachel Green. (How It’s Made)

This assignment was very stressful. I think that i did not anticipate how much work was going to have to go into it.

I decided at around midnight last night that my character was going to be Rachel Green (probably because I was watching Friends). I decided that post series finale, things might not be going as well as she had hoped. I am not a SUPER fan, so a few of my points may be inaccurate according to the show. But I figured that after walking off a plane and giving up a job in Paris to be with Ross, Rachel probably wasn’t going to have very good luck in the job market.

The first piece of media I decided to use was Pintrest, which was one of the examples on the Final Project page. This was super simple, all I had to do was create an account. There is a tutorial through the website that walks you through the process. Then I created a few different boards. I know that Rachel worked at Bloomingdale’s and Ralph Lauren, so those two were going to be her “professional” boards. But then I also figured that since Rachel can procrastinate, she would probably have a board for Ross and Emma as well.

The second piece of media I used was SoundCloud. I decided to record a message that Rachel would leave to potential employers asking for a job. Embedding the audio clip was very simple; I cover exactly how to do it in this tutorial I made the other day.

The third piece of media is a Vine of me (AKA Rachel Green) sitting in Central perk (AKA Starbucks). It is a running joke throughout the series that the friends spend way too much time in that coffee shop. I though that Rachel, currently unemployed, would spend a lot of time there.  I talk a little about how to use Vine in this post. To embed the video onto WordPress I had to save it to my computer before adding it to the post. Since this process kind of negates the fact that I actually used Vine, I also linked the webpage containing the video onto the post.

The last piece of media I used was a picture that I edited using Paint. I simply found an amusing photo of Rachel through Google and then opened it in Paint. All I did to the picture was add the text and then saved it.

Tada! I hope I completed this assignment fully and correctly, because while I was doing it I was a little unsure. Hopefully my lack of confidence comes from the fact that I have never done an assignment like this, not that I was doing it wrong.

A day in the life of Rachel Green.

Dear Diary,

Trying to find a new job has been a NIGHTMARE to say the least. I know that giving up Paris was the right thing to do, but I didn’t expect it to be so hard to get my life back in order!

Joey seems to think that building an online presence will help me to get a job. I think that may only work for actors, but I decided to give it a shot. I have been on Pintrest a lot lately (mostly for Emma and Ross), but I have decided to try some professional pins too. Mostly it just gives me an excuse to look at fashion all day, although I have been gathering a lot of stuff from when I worked at Bloomingdale’s and Ralph Lauren. But hey, if it helps me get a job than I’m not complaining!

Ross thinks that I sit around all day and do nothing. Not true! I have been calling company after company. Apparently when you walk off a plane and quit a job, people aren’t too happy to trust that you’ll stay. But I have a very good, convincing script in my opinion! And I have been very persistent. If people would just meet me for an interview, I know I’m cute and would be able to get a job out of them.

Mostly I have been at the old hang out, but everyone has real important grown up jobs right now and Emma is with the nanny. So I am all alone a lot. To make it worse, stupid Starbucks has taken over Central Perks. Nothing is the same!

I am so desperate for a job it isn’t even funny. However much Chandler laughs. He even made this little gem and said I should tape them around the city. Not sure how he managed to get a picture during everything that happened on that trip. But I know that Monica will help me get him back.



I better find something soon. Because that is actually starting to look like my only hope.

Take it easy.

I have had this song stuck in my head since I read the DailyCreate at 10 o’clock this morning.

For some reason, I would absolutely love to think that people have gotten proposed to on this corner. I think I’m a little bit of a hopeless romantic, but I think that it would be so cute. If some girl was super obsessed with the Eagles, or this was a couple’s song, or something along those lines that would be down right adorable. I really hope that this has happened. So much so that I tried Googleing it to find a picture or something, but no such luck. I guess I can just keep on believing that it has happened at some point. :)

Essential and Basic “How-To”s for DS106

Welcome to DS-106! Get used to a lot of tutorials and how-tos, because this class is all about learning different media processes. This how to is going to describe how to embed videos and audio onto your WordPress blog.

The easiest way to embed something into your post is to insert a link. For this you need to first select your video, then copy the URL.


Then choose a word and highlight it.



Then go onto the tool bar and select “Insert/edit link”.


The last step is to simply paste the link into the URL and your link will be accessible! Although this is a super simple process, it is not the process that your professor is likely to be looking for you to use to embed your main assignment. This can be used to link any outside help you might have used to complete your assignment.

The second way to embed a video is to get the embed code from YouTube. Right clip on the YouTube clip and select “get embed code”. Copy the link that appears.



Then click on the “Add Media” button under the Permalink. Go down to the “Insert from URL” option and paste the link there.


Tada! Your video is not available on your post!


To embed audio from SoundCloud.com, the process is a little different.  The first thing to do is select the song or audio clip that you would like to embed and then hit the “Share” button.


After choosing “Embed” at the top, check the box next to “WordPress Code” and copy the link.


Paste the code onto your post and it will appear on your blog!

If that does not work, you might need to enable SoundCloud embedding onto your blog. To do so, select “Plugins” from the left side tool bar and select “Add New”.


Then search for “SoundCloud Shortcut”. The very first option is what you need! Click on “Install Now” (the picture says installed because I have already completed the process). Once it is done installing Activate it, then follow the process above!


I hope that this tutorial has helped!

The End.

She took one last look around her childhood bedroom. It’s bare walls and lack of belongings scattered about gave her a little shiver. Just last week she had been unpinning posters off the walls and packing her possessions into boxes. Her graduation pictures, which had been the latest editions, were now shoved into the pages of her new textbooks. The posters of all the concerts that she had attended throughout high school were rolled up and stored in the attic. The bookshelf she had built herself in middle school was already on its way its new home. The only remaining furniture was the twin sized bed frame she had had since elementary school. With one final look she turned, ending one chapter and beginning another.


To me, this video seemed like one that would go viral pretty quickly. I think that people would be very entertained by some guy getting locked in a lion enclosure. Therefore, I decided to create a story in which This video has been an internet sensation:

I don’t usually watch Tosh.0, but I know that the show makes fun of online videos so I assumed it would be appropriate. I used an episode uploaded onto YouTube to get the clip for this assignment. Here are the Foley clips that I used, I tried to select ones that were created for this class section, however for some reason there were some clips that I couldn’t download (and some were longer than 30 seconds) so I had to use previous work.


I used this website to download the videos off of YouTube. I then fit them into Windows Movie Maker. It was really easy to edited them to fit together, I just used the “Split” tool under Video Edit to take the parts of the Tosh.0 clip that I wanted. After that I downloaded the sounds off of SoundCloud and fit them in as well! Super simple! I saved it as an MP4 and had to upload it to YouTube and embed it from there.

The only problem was that I had a lot of time at the end of the video that didn’t seem to have audio to go with it. There were only two Foleys for the last section, and neither of which were from very recently. My only thought is that previous classes much have been using a shorter version of the video, because all of my other sounds fit so I don’t think I missed a section or anything like that. I debated cutting it out, but decided to learn the entire video and just have it silent until the very end!

So you want to make a movie?

Welcome to muvee Reveal! Before you begin to create your movie, you will need to either buy the product or sign up for a 15 day free trial. Signing up for the trial is simple: all you have to do is enter your email on the pop up screen and wait for the promotion code. Enter that code and you may begin!


Once you reach this screen you will be able to begin! The program is very self explanatory.


This is the section you will use to upload any pictures or videos you may have saved on your computer into the program. Once they are uploaded, you will be able to rearrange them into what ever order you like.


After arranging your picture you may decide to add a style to your movie. This style will establish how pictures and videos transition. There are many free styles that come with the free trial, or you may wish to purchase a different one if it fits your movie needs better.


You may wish to add music to your movie! Here is the place to do so. You can add any music that has been downloaded onto your computer. Here you can also rearrange your music to fit your movie.


Here is where you can view your final product! If you are not happy you can go back to the other sections of the screen to tweak your movie.

Once you are completely finished, you have the option save your movie in several ways. The easiest way is to simply “Save As…” under “File” and name your movie. This will save your movie as an rvl. Going to  “Save and Share your muvee…” under file will enable you to save your movie in a different format.


Go down to the bottom option, “Advanced”, and select it.


You will then be able to choose which format you want your movie to be saved as.

So simple!

Some Bikes, a Pool, Monopoly, and One Very Angry Cat

For my second video assignment I decided to create my very first Vine! Everyone is always taking about the app, so I decided to give it a try! This is a Vine of me babysitting. I have known these boys for about 8 years, and I love hanging out with them! I hope you like it!

All I had to do for this assignment was download the app onto my phone! It then gives a step by step demonstration of how to create a video (basically you just hold down the screen when there is something you want to shoot).

The one draw back of this Vine was the battle scars I got from the very last shot. They have kind of faded over night, but that cat was vicious.

Lost Cow

A friendly cow all red and white

Has wander far to her great fright.

Can’t find her heard with all her might

She may be looking through the night.

She wanders lowing here and there

How she had left without a care!

But ever since she saw that bear

Her nerves have been all on awares.

And blown all by the winds that pass

Like a fish she wants her class.

Craving that familiar grass

She searches for the cows amass.

(Side note: I noticed the other day that somehow the time stamp on my blog is off here it was it says: classsssss and here is what time is actually is: classsssss. Honor code, I promise I did this on time! )