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Take it easy.

I have had this song stuck in my head since I read the DailyCreate at 10 o’clock this morning.

For some reason, I would absolutely love to think that people have gotten proposed to on this corner. I think I’m a little bit of a hopeless romantic, but I think that it would be so cute. If some girl was super obsessed with the Eagles, or this was a couple’s song, or something along those lines that would be down right adorable. I really hope that this has happened. So much so that I tried Googleing it to find a picture or something, but no such luck. I guess I can just keep on believing that it has happened at some point. :)

The End.

She took one last look around her childhood bedroom. It’s bare walls and lack of belongings scattered about gave her a little shiver. Just last week she had been unpinning posters off the walls and packing her possessions into boxes. Her graduation pictures, which had been the latest editions, were now shoved into the pages of her new textbooks. The posters of all the concerts that she had attended throughout high school were rolled up and stored in the attic. The bookshelf she had built herself in middle school was already on its way its new home. The only remaining furniture was the twin sized bed frame she had had since elementary school. With one final look she turned, ending one chapter and beginning another.

Lost Cow

A friendly cow all red and white

Has wander far to her great fright.

Can’t find her heard with all her might

She may be looking through the night.

She wanders lowing here and there

How she had left without a care!

But ever since she saw that bear

Her nerves have been all on awares.

And blown all by the winds that pass

Like a fish she wants her class.

Craving that familiar grass

She searches for the cows amass.

(Side note: I noticed the other day that somehow the time stamp on my blog is off here it was it says: classsssss and here is what time is actually is: classsssss. Honor code, I promise I did this on time! )

Some quality L-O-Ls right here.

Alright, y’all ready for some insane cheesiness?

I’m sure that cows would be utterly shocked that people pasture up the opportunity to live in the wide open country and instead move into the city. Who wouldn’t want to milk all of the advantages of nature?

I’m sure they would be sour with all of the insulting cow animations. Some of them probably want to cream us.


They probably wouldn’t graze past this one.



I’m so sorry for anyone who just read through that. Clearly my career as a stand-up comic has not taken off.

My new law.

I was reading somewhere the other day about how a country (I can’t remember which) decided to begin a system in which every individual got compensated just for being a citizen. Even though I do not know if this system is still in place, it explained that there were fewer hours worked, fewer illnesses, and better production in the work place.

I think that this system, although it goes against the general capitalist ideal, would benefit the Unites States’ population tremendously. Just imagining all of the good it would do makes me want to jump into action.

  • Children would cease to go hungry. Studies show that children living in poverty preform worse in school than their fellow classmates. With a little bit of money guaranteed to them by the government,  children could be guaranteed meals everyday that would enable them to focus in school.
  • Hunger in general would virtually disappear. Again, adult who were not constantly feeling hungry would be able to devote their minds to other things, such as finding jobs or helping their families.
  • Students who are in school will be able to focus on their studies and extracurricular activities without worrying about making to make money. That extra burden would not hold them back from their full potential.

These are only three examples of why providing an small sum of money to all citizens might be useful. I’m not suggesting some extraordinary amount or anything like that. Also I’m no economist or political science major, so I have no idea how this would work within the structure of our government. However, I do think that some sort of action needs to be taken to raise the standard of living in our society. It is unacceptable that there are Americans who are starving. It is disgusting that the only meal that some children receive in a day is their school lunch. I understand that American is suppose to be the land of opportunity where everyone makes their own living situation, yet this ideal is failing too many people for it to continue.

Sid’s last day.

Like any dog, Sid spends a majority of the day waiting for the children to come home. After a near death experience not 24 hours before, he has no idea that this will be his last day. With a long, relaxing morning under the sun behind him, Sid’s ears perk as the bus screeches to a stop. For the next several hours Sid would enjoy endless fun with the his two favorite people. After what seemed like not enough games of fetch and tug-of-war, it would be time for the children to eat and get to sleep. They would protest and fight for Sid to have a turn sleeping in their room. In the end Sid would spend time cuddled next to both before settling in front of the fire and listen to the parents as he nods off…