Some Bikes, a Pool, Monopoly, and One Very Angry Cat

For my second video assignment I decided to create my very first Vine! Everyone is always taking about the app, so I decided to give it a try! This is a Vine of me babysitting. I have known these boys for about 8 years, and I love hanging out with them! I hope you like it!

All I had to do for this assignment was download the app onto my phone! It then gives a step by step demonstration of how to create a video (basically you just hold down the screen when there is something you want to shoot).

The one draw back of this Vine was the battle scars I got from the very last shot. They have kind of faded over night, but that cat was vicious.

Lost Cow

A friendly cow all red and white

Has wander far to her great fright.

Can’t find her heard with all her might

She may be looking through the night.

She wanders lowing here and there

How she had left without a care!

But ever since she saw that bear

Her nerves have been all on awares.

And blown all by the winds that pass

Like a fish she wants her class.

Craving that familiar grass

She searches for the cows amass.

(Side note: I noticed the other day that somehow the time stamp on my blog is off here it was it says: classsssss and here is what time is actually is: classsssss. Honor code, I promise I did this on time! )

Tell Me About Yourself!

For my very own Digital Storytelling Assignment, I decided to create one that would tell me about my classmates. I feel as though I am learning out their personalities, but only so much can be expressed through assignments. I think it’s the psychology major speaking, but I love hearing about a person’s life story. Here is my description and example!

And You Are…?

Tell the class about yourself! For this assignment, create a story line of your life using only pictures. It doesn’t have to consist of real life baby pictures (although it can!), get create! If you were born in another state or country, use that as one fo your pictures! If you are passionate about your job or got into a sport really young, show it in a creative way! Represent your most important life events in no less than 12 pictures. 



So I know we are just coming off the World Cup and everyone has the soccer bug right now, but I am obsessed with this team. I’ve been Jurgen and the boys since before they were a team, back three years ago when Klinsmann was hired.


This is a collage I just made of me and my mom at games and such. I could go on for days about this team, but I think you all will appreciate it if I just stop here.

When I found a Video Assignment that told me to make a montage of a team, OF COURSE I was going to jump on that opportunity. Here is a video i made to honor the USMNT and their hard fought games in Brazil this year.

For this assignment, I used the program that was already on my computer called. muvee Reveal. I had to sign up for a free 15 day trial. To be honest, I didn’t like the program very much; granted this could be because I had the basic package. But I think that for my next assignment I will be using a different program. I realized half way through that I didn’t like it, but I figured I would finish up my video and post what I did to create it hear. Maybe some of my classmates have had better success using the program! That or I may just be a warning against using it in the future.

As I said before, when I first opened the program I had to sign up for a free 15 day trial. After that I found all of the pictures that I wanted to use through Google and saved them to my computer.  I couldn’t us video (much to my disapointment) because there was no way to get them from the internet into the program.classs

Then I opened them in the program and arranged them to roughly correlate with the game progression. classs

After I arranged the pictures I decided on the style “Hexplode” to display the photos, which was labeled as a sports themed style and was by far the best choice. classs

Finally, I added the music. I chose “Remember the Name”, which my high school soccer team used to use as a warm up song. I thought that it went along with the USMNT mentality during this tournament. They went into every game with the intention of proving that they were a team that could compete with the highest internationals. (And they proved it. Don’t fight me on that one.) ;)


I had a little trouble saving the video, which saved as a “rvl” and was not compatible with this website or YouTube.

After going to “File” and “Save and Share your muvee…” I came across a helpful list. I selected the “Advanced” option.classs

This brought me to a large list of options. I chose to save my project as a “MOV”.



After saving, the video was too big to upload directly onto this post. I instead had to upload it onto YouTube and imbed it from there.

I hope that this post was helpful to everyone! :)


We Got A Large Haze


I chose this clip on Pearl Harbor! I went to Baltimore yesterday where they have the USS Taney, so I figured this clip would be appropriate. :)

Analyze the camera work: This clip starts off with a lot of panning. This slow movement of the camera around a scene captures the entire scene. It shows the preparation of the Japanese pilots and gives each individual a moment to represent the task at hand. The camera then goes into several very brief one action shots. I think that this gives strong emphasis on every action and decision that occurs leading up to the attack. The slow motion also helps this emphasis. Once the movie progresses to American, again the camera pans the scenery and the ships and planes located in Pearl Harbor. This draws the contrast between how peaceful the scene is currently and how much chaos and wreckage there will be later on. Also again, there are several quick scene changes. I believe this is done to show how quickly the attack came onto the Harbor. There was lot of confusion leading up to the event, and the quickness from one scene to another helps to empress upon the audience how little time the Americans had to react or understand what was going on.

Analyze the audio track: Overall, the Japanese dialogue is much slower and precise, while the Americans speak quickly and urgently. This shows how the Japanese were in control of the situation while the Americans were reacting and desperate. The audio for the Japanese scenes is low and purposeful. There is a drum beat that almost represents battle music that is very powerful and full of strength. The music builds anticipation. The music for the American scenes builds suspense. It is lower and more frantic (clearly I don’t know how to describe music). The shifting back and forth between the two types of music as the scenes change helps to create the belief that the Japanese were in control while the Americans were frantic. The last bit of the clip is one drawn out note, building up the the big scene when the battle begins.

Put it all together: I think that the director did an excellent job of capturing the moments before Pearl Harbor. The two groups involved, the Japanese and the Americans, had very different feelings and thoughts going into the actual attack. The camera work and audio tracks create a powerful and purposeful Japanese side. They were in control of the situation. The Americans did not anticipate the attack coming. The frantic audio plus the calming scenes of the landscape prequel the damage that occurred. I was able to notice how these aspects of the scene were highlighted in different ways after focusing on one medium over the other. This assignment really helped me to realize how directors can emphasis certain emotions and impact a scene.

Who knew there was so much to movie making?

Never before have I stopped to consider the concepts that Ebert goes over. Whenever I watch a movie I just watch it, feel it, and think about it. I don’t stop to think “hmm, I wonder what this scene would feel like if the characters switched positions or the camera angle were different”. And I don’t think I’m alone in saying this. I’m sure that the ideas Ebert has studied are tried and true for many many films. But I couldn’t help being reminded of a high school English class. People always joke about how English teachers read more into details than the authors do.



I couldn’t help but to draw this comparison. What if those are just human nature trends? I highly doubt that every director pours over every detail and thinks about how it will affect their film. Of course some do, and maybe that is what separates the fabulous directors from the great ones. And maybe I am just speaking as someone who has never even attempted to analyze a film before. Hopefully, after this week I will be able to connect more and have a better understanding of different film techniques.



The two videos I decided to watch off the list were “Top 20 Amazing Cinematic Techniques Part 1″ (I also watched Part 2) and “Examples of Editing Techniques”.  Honestly, I was expecting the videos to be tutorials of sorts to help us produce great films. After getting over a little frustration, I feel as though I learned the most from these videos and will be referring back to them throughout the week. I think that these videos will help me to learn about how to shoot for this class. hopefully I can produce something that I have created to the best of my ability.


Week 3 Summary

Week 3 has definitely been the most stressful, and from reading my classmates’ blogs I think that I am not the only one who feels that way. At the beginning of the week I was NOT looking forward to having to record my own voice or fool around with audio equipment; as a result I left a lot of this week until the last minute. I should have learned from the very first video that this is NOT a good idea. Once I got into the assignments I actually had a lot of fun with them. Who knew?

My classmates were super helpful this week. I have been told each week that I need to add more media and story into my posts, but for some reason coming from a professor that just wasn’t clicking with me. But after looking at specific ways on posts that I can improve, I am confident that I can do a much better job next week. I also think I will force myself to start a lot earlier! ;)

I really liked that this week we were “strongly encouraged” to comment a lot more. My goal was to comment at least once on every single person’s blog, however for some people their blogs weren’t working for me so I had to skip them :( Again, a lot of people didn’t have their assignments up until tonight, I think we were all kind of stressed/unfamiliar with this week. But we made it through! That being said, I have been so impressed with what my classmates are doing! Everyone has been so creative, and I like looking at how I might have interpreted an assignment differently than one of my classmates. I hope everyone feels proud of themselves!



Sound Effects Story:


Foley Recording:


Audio Assignments:


Daily Creates:




The Circus

I thought that this assignment was going to be SO hard, but it was actually a lot of fun! I was born in October, so I had 1:01-1:30. Here is my final product, as well as the video! I hope you all like it!


I used a Chipotle to-go top:

photo (6)

My friend’s adorable puppy:


And my hilarious brother Brian:

photo (7)


My process was super simple, all I did was record first the Chipotle top, then the dog, then my brother and layer them to fit the video! I somehow managed to delete the record, play, and select options from my tool bar (technologically challenged), so I Googled Audacity Hot Keys and discovered how to use my key board to control the program! I then saved the program as a WAV and uploaded it to SoundCloud!





A shower.

For my Sound Effect story, I decided to recreate a simple shower! Here are the sounds I used:

Shower Curtains


Shower Head

Running Shower


Squirt Bottle 

Soapy Sounds

More Soapy Sounds

Wet Footsteps 


I found all of my sounds using I used Audacity to combine my sounds together. class I downloaded the sounds and then opened them in their file location; after finding them in my Downloads folder I dragged them over to the program class.

One by one, I moved the sound bites into the program. As I went along, I moved them into their appropriate places within the story and cut them shorter when necessary. class

The tools I used were “Time Shift Tool” class (to move the sounds into their correct places within the story) and “Selection Tool” class (to select parts of the sounds to delete).

Once I was happy with my story, I went to “File” then “Save was WAV”. Once it was saved I uploaded the audio into SoundCloud!

Here is my final product!

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