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This class…

So far, so confusing! The theme seems to be that as I get excited that I am doing something right, I get an email to the class explaining how what I just did was incorrect. That or my posts/tweets just aren’t showing up. But it’s only day #2, so fingers crossed that it starts getting easier for everyone VERY soon! If so then I think that this will be a very fin, interesting, and informative class!

Video Response… Hopefully!

I think I have this FINALLY figured out. Fingers crossed.
To the point, the video was very helpful! I did not enter this course thinking that it would be that much work, nor did I realize how many different resources that we would be using. i feel kind of intimidated right now, but hopefully things will get easier (for everyone) as we all figure out how to use each tool. It will also be useful to correctly tag things for credit! I am definitely guilty of procrastinating and trying to get things done at the last minute, so hopefully this course will teach me how to finish schoolwork in a timely fashion.
Here’s to a great 5 weeks!